German Cuisines Worth Trying

German Cuisines Worth Trying

German cuisines are a reflection of the federal history of the country. They comprise both regional and local cuisines. Germany being in central Europe shares most of its culture with neighbouring countries. It, however, happens to have some of the best cuisines in the region. Specifically, the country has a wide variety of traditional recipes. The type of dishes is also diverse, such that the people in Munich take different dishes from the people in other parts of the country such as Hamburg. With such a diverse offering of versatile foods dishes, the country has a varied Cooking Life. You can always visit review sites such as to have a look at the different food delivery services available to serve your preferred dish. Below, we shall have a look at the best dishes in the different parts of the country.


This is among the best vegetarian foods; it’s a kind of pasta. However, the dough contains flour, eggs, salt, and sparkling water responsible for its fluffiness. At times, in place of sparkling water, beer is also used. Spatzle can be found in any German restaurant. It, however, originated in Baden-Wurttemberg, South-West Germany. It can either be served alongside meaty dishes or served as the main dish. Mainly, its preparation involves topping it up with cheese in large amounts to make it sweeter.


The main version of currywurst originated in Berlin. It is made with pork sausage with a wrap of ‘Darm’ though it can also be made without it. Its main spice in curry powder. After being sliced into thin pieces, the sausage is covered in a mixture of ketchup, which is then spiced with curry powder. It is served with French fries. It can also be served with white bread (plain)


A majority of German barbeques have bratwurst as part of them. It’s a dish made of pork. Grilled for a few minutes, mainly two minutes, and then ketchup is added. In place of ketchup, you can spice it with mustard.


This is a dish served primarily on special occasions, especially when visiting grandparents. Therefore, it needs high-quality beef pieces and also takes some time to prepare. Its preparation involves cooking in an oven slowly for some hours. Ensure the slow cooking is done in low heat to make it tender. Traditionally, Sauerbraten is served alongside spatzle.


Most of the German Kartoffeln dishes will not lack Bratkartoffeln. Bratkartoffeln is made of boiled potatoes which are then fried. After boiling your potatoes, cut them into thin pieces and deep fry them in a lot of oil in a frying pan. Keep frying until they are crispy and turn dark. It is served with almost all German meaty dishes. Even though it is not considered the healthiest dish, Bratkartoffeln is very sweet, which is the main reason it’s taken.


This dish is made of pork meat. It can be served as a main dish and even as a snack. It can be served with mustard and white bread. It is a sausage that’s tasty and heavy to ensure the stomach get satisfied. It’s available in many German restaurants and local German butchers.


This dish is made up of veal meat. It is sliced and then covered with flour mixed with bread crumbs and eggs. It is deep-fried in frying pan-fried until it turns golden brown. It also has a version prepared with pork meat, referred to as Shnitel Wiener Art. Chicken breast, soja cheeses blocks are other options for preparing this dish.


This is a meaty dish. It is prepared with beef meat pieces. The meat piece should be thickly cut and simmered in red wine sauce. The Slow cooking in red wine sauce ensures the meat is tender and soft.


Typically, this is a German dish consisting of onions, bacon, mustard, and pickles. All these are wrapped in a slice of meat veal, preferably beef which should be thinly sliced. It is then cooked and served mostly with mashed potatoes


The name of this German dish mainly refers to the way the dish is cooked rather than the ingredients used to make the dish. On a cold day, a bowl steaming with this dish will warm up your body.

In conclusion, Germany is a country that has much to offer when it comes to dishes. Specifically, there is much more to German foods than what people think. This article helps the reader understand the different dished they can try out while in Germany.